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In May, Pembroke Savanna is home to blooms of white sand phlox and rare bird-foot violet."

This could very well be a view of Chicago that the first settlers experienced. Pembroke Savanna represents the highest quality example of sand savanna anywhere in the world.

ChicagoNatureNOW! is more than just a source of current wildflower blooming information. It’s an education tool for creating awareness about Chicago’s natural wonders for igniting interest and support for the restoration of our local preserves.

Here’s what we stand for:

  1. Bringing Awareness about Chicagoland’s Natural Wonders: Bring awareness of the wondrous native plants and habitats of the Chicago region as the first step in supporting the restoration and protection or our local nature preserves.
  2. Nature Education: Enlighten Chicagoans about their remarkable green neighbors and the preserves they can visit. In fact, you can think of our website as an online visitor center. Schools can use our service to plan field trips and to supplement their lesson plans.
  3. Encourage Outdoor Exploration: Our convenient weekly wildflower reports make it easy for individuals, families, and groups to explore the great outdoors.
  4. Inspire People to Become Restoration Volunteers: It’s a numbers game. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible so that a meaningful portion of those people will join a restoration group in the area.
  5. Promote Chicago Nature: We showcase the finest local nature preserves to demonstrate the indigenous habitats and plant species of the Chicago region. We celebrate what Chicago may have looked like hundreds of years ago when the region was unmolested by human development and free of foreign invasive plants.

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