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North Chicagoland Preserves
for Free Weekend Getaways & Outdoor Adventures

Chiwaukee State Prairie Natural Area (Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin)

This rare remnant prairie overlooking Lake Michigan is of great biological significance and sensory satisfaction. Starting in May, wander amongst the vast array of plants that bloom in sublime profusion.

Illinois Beach Nature Preserve (Zion, Illinois)

Vast, unpredictable, and wild: Owls, turtles, coyotes, and swarms of bees. Endless flowers and black oak trees. By a lake called Michigan and a river named Dead, come to this place if only one choice you have.

Middlefork Savanna (Lake Forest, Illinois)

Wide trails navigable by foot or by bike guide you past open stretches of wetland, prairie, and savanna. See frogs and turtles, egrets and herons, elusive mink, and birds that perch on tall flowers and make them dance.

Somme Prairie Grove (Northbrook, Illinois)

This black soil savanna is among the rarest places on Earth. Almost lost to the ages, it was rediscovered and restored to health. Now abounding with life, this preserve proves in one visit the benefits of saving places like this.


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