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West Chicagoland Preserves
for Free Weekend Getaways & Outdoor Adventures

Belmont Prairie (Downers Grove, Illinois)

Nestled within a quiet neighborhood, this remnant prairie is intimate and unusually colorful. In June, pink and purple erupt in every direction. From July through September, the landscape is showered in gold.

Fermilab Prairie (Batavia, Illinois)

Wide-open space where you can lose yourself in the towering grasses and flowering plants. Watch coyotes, scare up deer, and marvel in the wonder of this prairie reconstruction.

Johnson’s Mound (Elburn, Illinois)(

This wooded glacial kame is rich in spring wildflowers and a hike through the ravines provides a quiet and peaceful nature experience.

Wolf Road Prairie (Westchester, Illinois)

Hike the sidewalks left behind from a construction project halted by the Great Depression and experience nature’s comfort while in the embrace of the savanna, the wetland, and the prairie.


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