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Johnson’s Mound Forest PreserveElburn, Illinois

Johnson’s Mound Forest Preserve

Elburn, Illinois

Johnson's Mound Forest Preserve parking area

  • Author: Mike MacDonald
  • Date Posted: Jun 1, 2016
  • Category:
  • Address: 41W600 Hughes Rd, Elburn, IL 60119

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This wooded glacial kame is rich in spring wildflowers and a hike through the ravines provides a qui lolet and peaceful nature experience.


The hillside comes alive with spring flora at Johnson's Mound in Elburn, Illinois.

In April, the hillside comes alive with spring flora at Johnson’s Mound in Elburn, Illinois.

  • Lush, intimate woodland on a kame
  • Many spring wildflowers


Best Times to Visit:

  • Springtime for the wildflowers
  • Fall for the changing colors

Trails: There are two trails: the paved road, itself, and a dirt trail that cuts through the kame. As you walk along the road, you’ll soon find the hiking trail that takes you over and through the woods.

Access & Parking: There’s a paved one-way road that loops through the preserve. Our directions take you to the parking lot at the bottom of the mound, but you can just as easily use the lot at the top.

Restrooms: There are bathrooms and shelters at the bottom and top parking areas.

Mike’s Thoughts: I really like the biodiversity and the open feel of the woodland.

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