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Black Partridge WoodsLemont, Illinois

Black Partridge Woods

Lemont, Illinois

  • Author: Mike MacDonald
  • Date Posted: Jun 1, 2016
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Hidden beneath the bluffs, a sparkling stream curls through an emerald woodland lush with spring flowers. Maples immerse you in autumn gold. And winter turns a pewter panorama into an expanse of shining silver.

In May, woodland phlox covers the bluffs at Black Partridge Woods.

In May, woodland phlox covers the bluffs at Black Partridge Woods.


  • A beautifully lush woodland terrain with tall bluffs
  • A gorgeous rocky stream curves through the preserve


  • March: The emergence of skunk cabbage heralding the beginning of spring
  • May: The umbrella leaves of mayapples spread across the woodland

Best Times to Visit:

  • Spring: Wildflowers cover the woodland floor
  • Fall: The maples turn to gold
  • Winter: After a snowfall, gray rocks in the curving stream transform into soft marshmallows

Access & Parking: The main parking lot that can sometimes be chained off. But about a hundred feet to the west is an alternate parking area right along Bluff Road. If you park here, be considerate and leave space for other cars by parking perpendicular to the road, not parallel.

Restrooms: There is often a portable john on the west half of the preserve near the alternate parking area by the street.

Mike’s Thoughts: If I had just one word to describe Black Partridge Woods, it would be “spring.” In April and May, the woodland is so lush with wildflowers that you can’t see your feet. Overhead is a filigree of tender glowing leaves that mask the blue sky above. You are immersed in a wondrous green beauty.

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