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Belmont PrairieDowners Grove, Illinois

Belmont Prairie

Downers Grove, Illinois

  • Author: Mike MacDonald
  • Date Posted: Jun 1, 2016
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Nestled within a quiet neighborhood, this remnant prairie is intimate and unusually colorful. In June, pink and purple erupt in every direction. From July through September, the landscape is showered in gold.

Belmont prairie is special because it is home to an unusually high number of blooming wildflowers and fascinating plant species. During the month of June, this remnant prairie puts on a most impressive floral display: the celebration of the pale purple coneflower. Mixed amongst the coneflowers, the bright-colored grasses crisscrossing the center of the frame are porcupine grass. Its long spear-like seeds miraculously drill themselves into the earth in a counter-clockwise motion that you can actually watch.

Belmont prairie is a rare prairie remnant residing in a quiet neighborhood of Downers Grove. In June, pale purple coneflowers steal the show.


  • Intimate and delightful remnant prairie
  • Prairie blooms continuously from June through mid-September


  • Late-spring explosion of pale purple coneflower

Best Times to Visit:

  • June through September for the wildflowers

Mike’s Thoughts: This beautiful little prairie is a gem. It makes my heart sing. You can’t walk far, so take slow. There is so much to appreciate here.

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