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A national-park quality blooming event happens every single day from mid-April through mid-September in the Chicago area. On this June morning, a celebration of life is unfolding. Endless blooms of sand coreopsis spread with golden joy along the banks of the Dead River at Illinois Beach Nature Preserve in Zion, Illinois.

It’s remarkable to imagine that, every day from mid-April to mid-September, a national-park quality blooming event is taking place somewhere around Chicago. Please help us to continue to bring you reliable news about our nation’s finest natural events, like June’s show of sand coreposis at Illinois Beach Nature Preserve in Zion.

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Over the past three years, I’ve taught you about Chicago’s most well-kept secret—the rich habitats and fascinating plant species that have thrived here for thousands of years, yet have gone unnoticed by most Chicagoans.

Here are some of our dedicated Nature Scouts aseembled at O'Hara Woods: (left to right) Charlie Yang, Jim Yassick, Mike MacDonald, and Zeke Wei.

Some of our hard-working Nature Scouts gathered at O’Hara Woods in March just to take this photo: (left to right) Charlie Yang, Jim Yassick, Mike MacDonald, and Zeke Wei.

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Thanks! And let the blooming begin!


Left to Right: Charlie Yang, Jim Yassick, Mike MacDonald, and Zeke Wei.

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