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People Need Us More Than Ever!Please Donate!

People Need Us More Than Ever!
Please Donate!

  • Author: Mike MacDonald
  • Date Posted: Jan 7, 2022
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People Need Nature More Than Ever!
People Need ChicagoNatureNOW!
Please Donate!

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At Wolf Road Prairie in July, wildflowers combine to resemble a fireworks display.*

While some of our neighbors will travel this summer, most will remain at home and be able to experience this dramatic flower show at Wolf Road Prairie in Westchester. Help me share the beauty and healing power of nature with others.

During the pandemic, people have turned to nature to clear their heads and heal their spirits. And as a new blooming season begins, ChicagoNatureNOW! has an important role to play. We have a rare opportunity to connect Chicagoans with nature and to build a constituency to preserve and protect our local preserves.

You rely on our accurate wildflower reports. And to do this, each week, our dedicated scouts drive drive hundreds of miles to seek out the nature’s finest moments.  


Most people still will not travel, and they’ll need help finding exciting things to do around Chicago. And for the ninety-nine percent of Chicagoans who think they need to travel to the national parks to find natural beauty, boy do we have a surprise for them! Our free service allows families to plan nature staycations in Chicago and experience the finest wildflower shows in the country.


I’m a photographer and a communicator who uses his art to speak for nature. Please contribute to support my art and my mission of helping Chicagoans fall in love with the natural world.

Here are some of our dedicated Nature Scouts aseembled at O'Hara Woods: (left to right) Charlie Yang, Jim Yassick, Mike MacDonald, and Zeke Wei.

Here are some of our dedicated Nature Scouts assembled at O’Hara Woods: (left to right) Charlie Yang, Jim Yassick, Mike MacDonald, and Zeke Wei.

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